Self-titled debut L.P. out on Bar/None Records, available on itunes, amazon and where records are sold.

-Teen Men song 'Kids Being Kids' featured in Tig, a documentary about comedian Tig Notaro

-Toured the U.S. and Canada alongside Clap Your Hands Say Yeah in summer 2015



What do you get when you combine the musical talents of Spinto Band members Nick Krill and Joe Hobson and the visual arts prowess of Albert Birney and Catherine Maloney? Well, that would be the inventive indie pop outfit Teen Men - Consequences of Sound

The purely audio side collected on this debut album is artfully coiled Vampire Weekend world pop featuring slick-yet-wonky toybox takes on VW’s ‘Campus’ (‘It’s All Rushing Back’), synthpop lullabies (‘Township (Not Sure)’) and what sounds like the war dance of the lost jungle tribe of the Philippakis (the Foals-like ‘New Kind’). Inspired stuff- NME

It didn't take long for me to realize that Teen Men were something special...a band that is as much a band as it is a performance group. - Live show review on Gapers Block

This alternative quartet are exactly what support acts should be. Fun, frisky and fresh. Their clever use of the visuals through ‘Township’ – front-man Nick Krill fornicating with his shadow – and ‘The Sea, The Sea’ – a man is tossed across an ocean by keys players Albert Birney and Catharine Maloney as fellow guitarist Joe Hobson looks on – will stay for a lifetime.- Louder Than War

Teen Men capture a youthful innocence in a shine of summer, with a more than remarkable first record. Not only do Teen Men focus on an elevating sweet synth-pop resonance, but also with it they bring quirky artistic visuals, which can be seen in the band’s YouTube videos. Collaborating the ear with the eye, Nick Krill & Joe Hobson – previously of America’s 90s indie-rock group The Spinto Band – team with the creativity of two visual artists, Albert Birney (former creator of gorilla adventures on his Simply Sylvio vine) and Master of Fine Arts graduate Catharine Maloney.- Gigslutz

With a sound akin to the soundtrack of a mellow seaside discotheque, "The Sea, The Sea" glides with a gentle force that lyrically explores the redefinition of youth. For Teen Men, visuals are an equal part of this musical venture, often adding a layer of oddity.- The Wild Honey Pie

Teen Men have quickly asserted themselves as unique voices in the scene. Themes of nostalgia and youthful discovery crop up in each track.-WXPN Indie Rock Hit Parade "Teen Men"

Their performances are entertaining, public access gems that catch you off guard and then find you mindlessly doing as you’re told. -Quip Magazine "CMJ Guide..."

Teen Men is fortunate enough to have an abundance of peculiarity and a flair for performance. The music is spindly indie pop in the tightly-wound vein of Talking Heads or The Shins. -Nerve "10 Best Bands we Discovered at CMJ"


Origins Story at Paste Magazine

Teen Men is the self-titled debut album from this Delaware-based four piece audio/visual group. The album was recorded at The Garden Center and Paper Lab Recording studios in Delaware and engineered, mixed and produced by band member Nick Krill. Teen Men’s self-titled album came out on the Bar/None label, home to a long line of quirky but melodically-obsessed artists.

Teen Men comprises two musicians Nick Krill and Joe Hobson (members of The Spinto Band) and two visual artists Albert Birney (creator of the Simply Sylvio series on Vine) and artist Catharine Maloney (who has exhibited internationally). The resultant music is an ambitious blending of tunefully trippy melodies delivered via guitars, synthesizers, and vocals, with impertinent samples and haunting, atmospheric ambient electronics.  These performances in concert are audio/visual experiments; innovative, individualistic and concise, reflecting a love of the pop thrill and a dedication to classic songcraft.  

In concert Teen Men perform along to a home-made interactive video that is synchronized to the music.  The video provides an interactive platform for the band members and audience.

The members of Teen Men didn’t start working together with the conscious goal of “making a band." Longtime friends, Nick, Joe and Albert decided to collaborate on a quick and spontaneous one-off project involving music and video.  The idea was an attempt to reawaken and become inspired after completing especially intense projects in their respective fields (a Spinto Band recording for Nick and Joe and a feature film entitled The Beast Pageant for Albert).  After viewing what they created they decided to make more and invited friends to come participate. Catharine started showing up at sessions and then was assimilated into the project.  After a few months, the four realized they’d created a body of work and that’s when the project was christened "Teen Men”.  The term, taken from an advertisement in a 1960s Playboy,  is a state of mind which anyone can imbibe in. To be a Teen Man involves taking risks, irrational self-confidence, and the search for new experiences.

At the core of the Teen Men’s artistic identity is their unique style of creative interplay, the contrast between how the musicians responded to artistic inspirations and challenges as opposed to the visual artists and the ingenious ways they’d combine them. The results were often beyond what any of them would have imagined left to their own devices. Fundamental was their desire to translate visual elements into music, though the opposite process was constantly occurring as well.  Nick explains:

“When the visual artists would comment on the work, they’d do it with visual vocabulary. When we’d translate that to music, there wound up being distortions of the original thought.  We’d find common ground but the musicians had to work in ways we might not have if communicating only with other musicians.”

Together Teen Men is working to create a sonic and visual experience. Nick says “All the members bring a bit of naivete about the others’ art form, leading to ideas that would not be suggested by more seasoned and knowledgeable artists in each field.”

photograph by Jessica Scarane

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